The goal of the project is to turn real-time big data publishing and processing into a consumer product by developing real-time big data processing platform, market and associated standardized, high abstraction technological solutions.

The purpose of the platform is to provide consumers with necessary data and information for business process execution. The provided benefits are:

• For data owners – simplified data publishing and selling to consumers;

• For data consumers – ability to receive on-demand data and information for executing business systems and processes, discovery of the best data providers, access to data use best practices and lightweight data subscription process;

• For analytics – ability to publish and sell data use best practices and patterns who are shared with all interested parties through the platform.

Big data processing can be performed as batch processing or as (real-time) stream processing. The project is concerned with processing big data streams since this approach is not as widespread as the batch processing and it has great potential. The main advantage of the stream processing is getting instantaneous result from the data and fully minimized latency between data source and decision making. As a result of this project it is planned to build cloud-based platform (BaSeCaaS platform) providing big data stream processing capabilities as a service.

ERDF project 1.2.1. specific support goal "To Increase the Private Sector Investments R&D"; measure "Support for Improvement of Technology Transfer System" 

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