The aim of the Project is to improve information and communication technology (ICT) security solutions by developing BICTSeMS - a state-of-the-art, horizontally scalable real-time ICT security management solution based on artificial intelligence and big data, which would provide full-scale analysis of network data and server log files according to ICT device topology and mutual interdependencies, retrieval of useful information from unstructured and semi-structured data, as well as the creation of a repository of best practices of IS security management and recommendations for threat prevention based on it.

The main activities of the project are:

  1. Review of related research and assessment of the current situation;
  2. Design of the BICTSeMS solution architecture;
  3. Defining the methodological basis of BICTSeMS;
  4. Development of the BICTSeMS technological platform and its and integration with methodological base.

The main activities of the Project will be complemented by knowledge and technology transfer activities, which will include the preparation of publications and measures to protect intellectual property rights. The project will be executed in collaboration with "Izglītības Sistēmas" Ltd and DEAC.

RTU ITI team will be responsible for review of the related research, design of the BICTSeMS architecture, implementation of the platform architecture and design of the machine learning models used for identifying ICT security incidents.

Keywords: IS (Information System) security management, cybersecurity, cyber resilience, big data