The aim of the project is to improve the power management solutions for residential buildings by developing a cloud-based, adaptive and artificial intelligence driven power management platform that is based on the latest scientific knowledge, as well as devices that will be integrated into it; the result of the research will ensure a smart distribution of electricity at the user and higher connection levels, in line with changing electricity consumption habits and external conditions of the building, as well as the use of electricity not consumed by the building in real-time for the charging of electric vehicles without creation of additional new connections to grid, including support for the electricity that is stored in electric vehicle batteries to be discharged for the benefit of the grid or aggregators. 

Our project partner is "ETAGO network" Ltd., whose economic activity is related to the development of various technologies used in smart solutions - electric vehicle charging solutions, electricity consumption metering and analysis, load balancing systems in electric vehicle charging solutions.

The main activities of the project:

  1. Installation of data collection infrastructure and accumulation of historical data;
  2. Review of related research and specification of requirements;
  3. The architectural design of platform software and hardware components;
  4. Development of platform software and hardware components;
  5. Development of machine learning and analytical models;
  6. Validation of the platform and its solutions in the test environment.

RTU ITI is responsible for review of the related research, development of the software architecture, development of the sotware components and machine learning models (responsible for providing decision support and managiement of the IoT devices) and participation in the platform validation in the test environment.

Key words: load balancing system, smart ev charging, smart connection to grid, EV charging solution for residential building, AI for smart grid