The objective of the project is to increase the efficiency of winter road maintenance processes by developing an open and modular intelligent winter road maintenance support information system and a corresponding enterprise resource planning (ERP) integration module, which are based on the latest scientific knowledge and provide road managers with data-driven resource usage reporting and proactive decision-making, minimizing response time for performing optimal road maintenance actions, thus promoting safe driving conditions for road users, as well as establishing an ecosystem for other intelligent transport and public safety services The main activities of the project are:

  1. Development of the Winter Road Maintenance ecosystem model;
  2. Design of IWiRoM and ERP integration solution;
  3. Elaboration of analytical and machine learning models;
  4. Implementation and validation of the IWiRoM platform.

The project partner is “ZZ Dats” LTD - a high-tech company whose main activity is related to the development, analysis and maintenance of information systems (IS). “ZZ Dats” LTD has developed and maintains various IS that provide integrated solutions and e-services for performing municipal functions. RTU ITI will be tasked with development of the Winter Road Maintenance ecosystem model, design of the IWiRoM platform architecture, development of the machine learning and analytical models and development of the IWiRoM platform's backend. The platform will be validated in collaboration in Latvian municipalities, road maintenance companies and transport companies.

Keywords: winter road maintenance, knowledge management, intelligent transport systems, deep learning, big data, ERP

Project partners