Vehicle routing solutions delivered to companies as packaged applications combine vehicle routing

decision-making models and supporting services for data integration, presentation and other functionality.

The packaged applications often are tailored to specific needs of their users thought customization methods

and mainly focus on the supporting services rather than on modification of the routing models. This paper

proposes a method for customization of the routing model as a part of the routing application. The

customization method enables companies to incorporate their specific decision-making goals and context

into the routing model without redesigning the model itself. The routing model is also capable of adapting

its behaviour according to observed interdependencies among decision-making goals and routing context.

An illustrative example is provided to demonstrate customization of the routing solution and to highlight

multi-objective and context-dependent characteristics of the vehicle routing problem.


ITKC 03000-3.1.2/180 collaborative project with SIA "Pricewaterhouse Coopers Information Technology Services"

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