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Enterprise applications are used for managing operational data and are aimed at improving business efficiency. Many enterprise applications have been developed over the past three decades and are often referred to as legacy systems. Usually they are monolith, inflexible, poorly documented and hard to maintain. These issues can be addressed by improving their design using decomposition. The purpose of this paper is to introduce a method for decomposition of large-scale enterprise applications and to present initial practical evaluation results. The paper systematically defines the general decomposition process including its tailoring options. The general process is adapted and applied for application in the industrial case study investigated as part of the university-industry collaboration research project.

RTU ITI researchers in collaboration with SIA „VISMA Enterprise” and SIA „IT kompetences centrs” take part in European Regional Development Fund's project “Information and communication technologies competence center” Nr. KC/ (Contract No. L-KC-11-0003, activity 1.3. “The Method of Monolithic System Decomposition According to SOA Principles.

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