Riga Technical University Information Technology Institute (ITI) is a research and higher education institution with a mission of knowledge and technology transfer to industry in the area of information technology. ITI emphasizes a cross-disciplinary approach with applications in software services, transportation, logistics un urban development. 
The main areas of specialization are enterprise integration including advanced enterprise applications and business process improvement, development of scalable cloud solutions for big data processing, data mining and machine learning including applications in cybersecurity and biotechnology, modeling and optimization of complex systems, development of digital twins as well as digital transformation of organization by using advanced information technologies.
ITI provides companies test and development environments for prototyping and implementing advanced ICT solutions. Several Enterprise Resource Planning systems are available to investigated business process improvement possibilities and application integration. Cloud computing infrastructure is available to develop horizontally scalable systems and to implement computationally demanding analytical solutions. A simulation modeling and digital twin development platform is available for creating models of complex systems and conducting experiments. 

ITI has two departments: