Massive Computational Intelligence for Evolutionary Digital Enterprises

The most important current trends in information technology are cloud computing, software as a service, mobile applications, sensing technologies and big data. They have made available vast computational power and large amount of data for analysis and decision-making. At the same time security and reliability issues have become more critical. Therefore, one of the most important future development directions is massive computational intelligence (or “big modeling”) what ensures analysis of enterprises and society as a whole in a holistic manner from multiple perspectives by integrating various abstractions and modeling methods. That kind of approach allows for evolutionary and proactive adaptation of organizations and enterprises to capture new opportunities. The massive computational intelligence and the evolutionary approach are based on creating reusable and extensible computational platforms rather than on development of case-by-case solutions.

Main Research Areas

  • Enterprise applications and enterprise integration
  • Context-aware and adaptive applications
  • Operations research and enterprise systems
  • Data analysis and model-integration solutions for information technology management including project, service and risk management